Learn how we're using fewer materials in our packaging.


Learn how we're keeping our packaging out of landfills.


Learn how we've increased our use of recycled materials.

Why build from scratch?

Environment Packaging Reuse

We are working to advance technologies that allow us to re-use greater amounts of recycled materials in our packaging.

Since introducing the first-ever beverage container with recycled PET in 1991, we have continued to invest significant dollars in the development of environmentally and economically viable recycling technologies.

Today, we are an industry leader with our innovative use of recycled plastic.
Learn how we create value through sustainable fashion.

We're also using recycled content PET in more than 17 markets around the world. Recycling plastic for reuse makes sense financially, requires less energy than producing bottles with virgin materials, and reduces waste.

In Canada, our goal is to increase recycled content in PET bottles to 10%.

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